Mr Anderson is a medical doctor with a high income. He and his wife still have some debt on their own home. Whilst they enjoy a good life style, he has minimal superannuation balances and other than their own home, they have no other assets. The tax paid per year is in excess of $100k.



We work with the financial planner, property investments specialists, finance broker to:

  • Reviewed their personal and financial goals and set up investment structures most suited to their needs for growth and asset protection
  • Reviewed his financial position and reduce non deductible debt and replace it with tax deductible debt
  • Customise a wealth creation solution for him using share portfolio and properties
  • Increased superannuation contributions for him and his wife to reduce personal tax



  • Clients have a comprehensive and achievable investment plan to increase their wealth and legitimately reduced his taxation liabilities
  • Clients have reduced un-deductible personal tax debt
  • Clients have the confidence and peace of mind that whilst they work hard, their money is also working hard for them


Tax and accounting services provided:

  • Business structures set up and advice
  • Asset protection advice
  • Capital gains tax planning advice
  • Effective tax planning and tax minimisation
  • Taxation services


Alliance partners services provided

  • Wealth creation and financial planning
  • Finance brokering
  • Property investments specialists
  • Legal services and estate planning