e-Commerce – why you should be selling online and the best way to go about it

Nowadays, most businesses selling a product or service, whatever their size, need to provide customers with an online shopping facility if they’re going to compete successfully in the market.
If you don’t already sell online, you should think about doing it very soon.

4 really good reasons to have an e-Commerce facility

  • You’ll make life easy for time-poor customers (& they’ll come back for more)
  • You’ll make more profit from each sale (less overheads/some taxes & commissions)
  • You can sell 24/7 (think of your website as an extra member of staff working year round effectively for free)
  • You can improve the results of your marketing campaigns (e-Commerce sites will gather information from clients that you can use later)

The chances are that you already know all this. But how do you get started?

An easy way to sell online
There are a number of ways you could go about this, but one of the best comprehensive business tools that we’ve come across is Xero.

By its own admission, Xero is a ‘beautiful’ accounting software. An unusual way to describe a computer program, but – in this case – we have to agree.

Xero is intuitive and multi-functional because it can be integrated with a whole lot of useful add-on applications. In fact, it’s one of the best friends a small business owner could have.

As well as making online accounting, invoicing and banking reconciliation easy, Xero can get your e-Commerce business up and running in no time with the Shopify add on.

Shopify is so simple, anyone can use it. No online selling experience is required. Features include a fully-hosted online shopping cart, allowing you to accept credit card and PayPal payments; a secure payment facility; payments can be made from anywhere in the world – your business can go global FAST.

And the good news is that, Accountants Australia can quickly set up Xero for you. So there’s no need to wait any longer.

Get your e-Commerce business up and running today; contact us now.

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